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Trail Mix 001

Morning Light & Artifacts from 1998
Trail Mix 001
The Excuses, Excuses run group

Happy Friday. It's finally starting to feel like summer here in Pittsburgh and that's got me into a really positive vibe the past week or so. I'm like a different person when the sun shines and temps are mild. Maybe Andrew Huberman is on to something with the whole "make a b-line to sunlight within the first few minutes of waking up" philosophy.

I got out early a few mornings this week and hit the pre-dawn trails for some runs with the boys. After grinding out a 10 week training plan on roads for the Pittsburgh Marathon, I'm looking forward to getting back on single-track for some relaxed, no-pressure miles this summer. It's been a while since our group has kept a consistent run schedule, but I'm optimistic this might again turn into a few-times-a-week thing.

Best thing I saw this week:

  • The Actuality of Thought is a gem of post-hardcore history. Produced in 1998, the film features bands like Cave In, The Promise Ring, Braid, The Hal Al Shaded and The Get Up Kids playing in basements and living rooms. This video is ripped straight from VHS, and the fidelity lends itself to the rawness of the performances. Also, super cool the mailing addresses for the bands is included in the closing credits. Feels like an artifact from a different time. And I guess it is.

Best thing I heard this week:

  • Speaking of late-90s post-hardcore, earlier this year Braid released a remixed/remastered version of their landmark album Frame & Canvas. I'm not usually one for re-releases, but this one blows my mind. When it was produced in 1998, the band had 5 days to track and mix the record. Some of that hurried production shows, but I wore this record out and it remains one of my all-time favorite albums. Hearing the remix 25 years later is so refreshing. All the elements are defined and you can really hear the intricacies of the guitars, the low end of the bass and the power of the drums.

Until next time, happy trails.